Blogging again

11-02-2011 . Happy birthday to me. Entah yg keberapa, I lost count. It doesn’t really matter now. Bkn seberapa lama hidup yg penting, tapi seberapa byk yg sdh diperbuat dgn hidup yg dijalani. Anyway, begitulah sekilas renungan. Maybe before the end of this post there will be another renungan. I don’t know, I just wrote what comes to my mind.

Kalo dilihat2 tglnya, rupanya tanggal cantik: 1102-2011. Simetris. Not bad. 11×02+11=33 happens to be my age. Apalagi ya? Entahlah.

Ultah kemaren was a happy day for me. Alhamdulillah, puji syukur utk semua nikmat yg sdh diterima sampai hari ini. Dirayain dgn sederhana dgn anak istri. Going to cheesecake factory, having pizza, boloignaise (bnr ga ya spellingnya) dan another meal yg ga tau namanya. Kuenya black forest portion, small but it fits the purpose, so no complain about that.
Thanks so much bebbinda for the lovely day.

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