Tim tenis meja IT SBS vs IT SAP.

Still not yet won but it was a great experience. I enjoy a good competition. It makes me alive. I like to win but I am not afraid to lose. If you do your best you can never lose. You can only get better if you learn from your defeat. In that sense, you are winning.

Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn. – with Ricky

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17 June 2014
Team catur … kalah tipis 2-1.

Attacking is the best defense

My opponent is the strongest guy in the other team. I made a blunder and was down a rook and a bishop. I continue attacking on the kingside with only a quen, a rook, a knight and a pawn left. Going all out, sacrificing a rook for a pawn to bust open his position and get a mating attack. His pieces was on the other side of the board. I finally delivers a checkmate with only a queen and a pawn.

Phew…what a feeling.. Alhamdulillah…